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P A B Mortgages At PAB Mortgages we want to take the stress out of moving home, making that buy to let investment or re-mortgaging. Let our expert team save you time, money and make the process stress free. Whatever type of buyer you are our team has expert advice to give you at a time or place convenient for you. We are with you for the life of your mortgage, not just the start, ensuring that you always have the best mortgage deal available to you, so you can be mortgage free as soon as possible.

At PAB Mortgages we pride ourselves on the fact that the majority of our business comes from client referrals, a testament that it's not just quality advice that we offer but also a personalised and professional service. Whether you are looking for the best deal on a mortgage, accompanied with the best service, we are always happy to help. Let our experienced team help you.

PAB Mortgages is a team of experienced independent mortgage & Protection advisors based in Kings Lynn with a client base that extends nationwide.

read more › Our expert brokers will find you the best mortgage for your circumstances taking the hassle out of the process, saving you time and money. Because we are independent we have access to more mortgage products than your bank or estate agent and will hand pick the right deal for you saving your thousands of pounds across the term of your mortgage. Give us a call - we can tell you how much you can borrow, how much deposit you will need, what other costs you will face and give you a rough guide to what your monthly repayments are likely to be.

read more › Changing to a new deal with your current lender, or transferring to alternative lender, can:. If you are coming to the end of your fixed rate, special introductory or discounted period speak to one of our remortgage specialists and let us find the most suitable deal for your individual needs. Ideally, you should call us about six months before your current deal comes to an end. If it already has, give us a call now as you maybe on a variable rate, in which case we can start saving you money straight away.

read more › Generally, if you are self-employed you will have access to the same selection mortgage products those who are employed. It's a common misconception that people think you must have been self employed for three years before you can get a mortgage. This isn't the case. We specialise in self employed mortgages so please contact us to discuss your options. Usually lenders will want to see at least two years of company accounts, SA302s or tax returns. We have access to lenders who will use your day rate in affordability rather than your accounts, this means you can borrow more money.

read more › If you have a parent, guardian or close family member who is willing to help secure you a mortgage then we can help. Guarantor mortgages are a great way to get you on the property ladder using your guarantor's property as a collateral against the debt, or just to use their income to boost what you can borrow. We have a great choice of lenders for guarantor mortgages and some now limit the amount of debt the guarantor is liable for, lowering the potential risks should the payments default. As long as payments are made without fail, then it won't cost the guarantor a penny.

read more › Help to Buy is a government scheme which was designed to help first-time buyers or home movers with limited equity. If you are considering using the Help to Buy scheme, give one of our brokers a call as they explain the pros and cons as well as ensuring that you get the best mortgage offer to compliment Help to Buy. This version of scheme means that you only require a 5% deposit to purchase a house. The government will lend an additional 20%, creating a total deposit of 25%. These is a maximum purchase price of 600,000 and this doesn't apply to existing properties.

read more › If you are in the Armed Forces you may be eligible for a Help to Buy loan. This is different to the usual Help to Buy as it is a straightforward interest free loan which is paid back each month through your salary. You can usually borrow up to 50% of your salary up to 25,000. This loan can be used towards your deposit on your home. The brokers at PAB know that as armed forces personal you need a mortgage with particular benefits. We have access to a range of specialist lenders who understand this, including the need to let out at short notice if you are posted abroad.

read more › Equity release is a way for homeowners aged 55 or over to release tax-free funds from their homes without having to move. It is an increasingly popular way for people in, or approaching, retirement to boost their nances. We take an honest and personal approach to our advice, so we can make sure we find the right plan for you. From no monthly repayments to guaranteeing an inheritance for loved ones, we have a plan to suit you. And if equity release isn't right for you we'll tell you. To safeguard your health, our expert equity release advice is now available over the phone, via video appointment or face-to-face, whichever is right for you.

read more › Whether you want to rent out your old house or become a property tycoon let us give you the best advice to start you on your way. Many BTL mortgages are not regulated by the FCA. The only exceptions are if you want to let the property to a close family member e.g. a child, parent, grandparent, spouse or civil partner. The amount you can borrow on a buy to let is linked to the amount of rental income you can except to receive. Lenders will normally want the rental income to be around 25% higher than your mortgage payment.

read more › With changes in the way landlords are taxed on rental income it is becoming more attractive for landlords to purchase properties within a limited company. We have access to many lenders who can lend against limited companies set up as SPV's (specialist purpose vehicles) in order to solely purchase and rent properties, or purchase, renovate and rent properties.

read more › Being a portfolio landlord can be very time consuming, arranging finance can also be tricky as a lot of lenders limit the number of properties they will lend on and also cap the total amount they will lend across a portfolio. If you have a large portfolio of properties, our experts will happily ensure that you are on the best deals possible for all your mortgages for the lifetime of the mortgage, saving you both time and money. We don't charge you any fees for this service and once we have all the information we require to start managing your mortgages, we won't need too much of your time.

read more › Whether you need finance to buy premises for your own business or to invest in commercial property we can help. A commercial mortgage is a loan that is arranged to purchase or refinance property that is used for commercial or business use. They can be complex, but we can help ensure that you get the best deal possible, ensuring that you can maximise your investment and grow your profits. If you are ready to expand and need additional space or want to purchase your first retail premises, we will do the hard work for you and provide expert advice and tailored solutions you need for your business.

read more › The shortage of property has meant that building new homes, refurbishing existing properties, or investing in large developments have become more popular areas of activity for many of our clients. We have access to excellent rates and terms for developments like these. If you are thinking about investing your time and or money in a property project give us a call to get the ball rolling.

read more › Occasionally a mortgage may not be the best solution for you, for example if the property you want to buy is un-mortgageable due to its current structure, it has a short lease or you are on a very tight time scale. In these situations a bridging solution will almost certainly be the best option to secure your property. We have links to loads of bridging companies who will be able to help. Contact us if you think a bridging solution might be what you need.

read more › Before you embark on your self-build project, it is important that you get your finances in order. If you need to borrow money, you will need a self-build mortgage. A self-build mortgage releases funds in stages as the build progresses. It is vital that you get the right mortgage to ensure your build is a success. Our mortgage brokers have access to a large range of self-build mortgages and their expert knowledge means you will get the right product for just project. They will help you to manage the release of funds at the appropriate times throughout your build.

read more › Although there is not our lower limit, PAB have experience in arranging mortgages of 500k and above. Many high street lenders don't have the appetite to lend at this level, nor do they have the necessary processes to work with the complexities of an individual's circumstances. Our brokers have access to a wide range of lenders who are willing to lend larger than average amounts.

read more › Having the right level of protection (insurance) is vital, not only for your monthly bank balance but also to ensure that you, your loved ones, your home and treasured possessions are protected if the worst should happen. With insurance, it can often be worth paying slightly more to insure you are protected to the appropriate level for your circumstances. Life insurance policies pay out a lump sum on death, ensuring that your home or estate is not at risk. Life insurance can be used to pay off all mortgages or loans secured on your home thus making life easier for your surviving spouse/partner or family member during this emotionally stressful time.

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