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J B M Mortgages If you are interested in buying a new home or releasing equity from your existing property then talking to us could be the best move you make. We can source mortgages for new build properties, and help you find the right mortgage for your needs quickly and easily so that you can turn your dream home into a reality. As mortgage brokers, we research hundred's of different mortgages from across the market so we can find the right one for your needs.

In addition to standard mortgages, we also have access. We provide a hands on service to new property developments to help people get the right mortgage for their needs. We are approachable, friendly and will do whatever we can. JBM Mortgage Brokers can help you with the Help to Buy Wales scheme. Help to Buy - Wales allows eligible purchasers to buy new-build homes with assistance from the Welsh.

If you're over 55 & looking to release money from your property our lifetime mortgage experts are here to help. It's a very specialist area of the market & our advisers can guide you through the process.

read more › As your largest monthly expense, our experienced advisers can provide specialist mortgage advice and recommendations for you at any stage of home buying. With so many lenders to choose from, you want the most suitable mortgage or remortgage deal - no matter what your buying circumstances are. We have professional, independent mortgage advisors in branch, offering same-day appointments. This allows you to discuss your financial circumstances in a relaxed atmosphere. Our advisors can give you a quick decision and because they are independent, can offer products from most lenders.

read more › Equity release, or a lifetime mortgage as it is also known, allows homeowners (typically over the age of 55) to release cash from their property tax-free. The amount that can be borrowed is determined by the age of the applicant and the value of their home. As a general rule, the most that can be borrowed via an equity release lifetime mortgage is 60% of the value of the property. Interest rates on an equity release loan tend to be fixed, or if they are variable, must be capped/have an upper limit which is then fixed for the lifetime of the loan.

read more › Buy to let mortgages can be harder to secure now than in previous years, with lenders requiring larger deposits of around 25% of a rental property's value in return for a buy to let mortgage. Recent changes in legislation means that you will be paying a higher rate of stamp duty for an investment property too. When you apply for a buy to let mortgage, the amount a lender will be willing to offer will depend on the property's rental yield. Therefore, it's essential that you do your homework and ensure your expectations are realistic before applying for a buy to let mortgage.

read more › What is a Remortgage? Remortgaging is the process of changing your mortgage lender, applying to borrow more or applying to revise your mortgage plan after your current mortgage deal has reached the end of any redemption penalties. People usually remortgage to get a more competitive mortgage or to switch mortgage plan types, for example- variable rate to fixed rate because you think interest rates are set to rise (or vice versa). Can you Save Money? When a mortgage scheme comes to the end of its 'initial period', the interest rate usually rises.

read more › Buying a new home means a wider choice of property styles and incentives, greater options to tailor your perfect home, less stress and a blank canvas on which to stamp your own style and personality. There are also other benefits you can look forward to such as improved energy efficiency and added security. Buying a new home is less stressful as there's no need to wait for existing residents to move out. This also means your new home will be clean and untouched by previous owners, providing you with a blank canvas on which to stamp your own style and personality.

read more › JBM Mortgage Brokers can help you with the Help to Buy Wales scheme. For more information on the Help to Buy have a look at the information below. Help to Buy - Wales allows eligible purchasers to buy new-build homes with assistance from the Welsh Government in the form of a shared equity loan. Help to Buy - Wales shared equity loans are available to both first-time buyers and home movers wishing to purchase new-build homes worth up to 300,000. With Help to Buy - Wales, buyers won't be able to sub-let their home.

read more › We have very strong relationships with our providers who are keen to get your business. So don't commit yourself elsewhere until you have spoken to us, we could save you hundreds of s over the lifetime of your policy! It won't cost you anything to find out and you do not have to follow our advice! As an independent brokerage we act for the customer, not the provider, so we will make sure you are aware of any exclusions that may be hidden in the small print of the T & Cs! Most providers act on a non-advisory basis (also called execution only) which means they are not liable if you later discover an exclusion you weren't aware of.

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