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Afinancial Take the leg work out of finding a mortgage and let us help you get approved the first time. Estate agents and vendors don't like to wait around and neither do you. When you use aFinancial you will not need to wait for a bank to see you, or a broker to visit. We will do everything over the phone and send paperwork by email. There is no need for an appointment, so speak with an adviser today and we will make the process as simple as possible.

Use the experience of aFinancial's work with high net worth clients across London and the UK. We are helping clients achieve larger mortgages than some high street banks allow. You will have an aFinancial expert dissect the masses of criteria and rental calculations to ensure you get a suitable mortgage that will compliment the profitability of your buy to let investment.

A mortgage may be your biggest expense. Small differences in rate and fees can make a big difference in the long run. That is why you will use a mortgage adviser from aFinancial so that you can be sure that you are getting the right mortgage.

read more › Tala and David have worked in financial services since 2004. That experience will ensure you the right advice. We are incredibly proud of the work we do and owe it all to the commitment and professionalism of the team around us. We believe that getting the right people early and training them the right way gets us the best results for our clients. Hassan thinks he is pretty awesome, we tend to agree. Hassan started from the ground level apprentice role and has advanced to advisor level incredibly well.

read more › Not all mortgages are the same and it would be unfair for us to price simple cases the same as the more complex cases such as portfolio landlords or complex income and debt profiles. For this reason, we charge based on the work involved to ensure each client is treated fairly and equally based on the attention required for the case. We accept commision as part of our fee so you may have nothing to pay us for the service. Let us use our years of experience to ensure that you are getting the best mortgage.

read more › I was thinking about buying my first property, I didn't know where to start from until I searched online. A God send, David Golt contacted and everything went as smooth as possible. He made me feel at easy and I managed to buy my first house. I once promised myself that I will never use anybody else apart from Afinancial. As my family got bigger we needed a bigger home this year but I was on maternity leave. Afinancial have been so helpful throughout, I can't thank them enough especially Mr. A.Hassan and Mr. D.Golt who have given us a chance to own a bigger home for our children.

read more › Your car is important and expensive to replace if lost. You are far more important and valuable, that's why protection is so important. Life insurance is an easy and low-cost protection that we strongly recommend to most families. We all get ill from time to time, and as we get older we are more likely to need to take longer periods of time off work. If you got ill, would your employer help you pay your mortgage and essential bills? If the answer is no, you really need income protection so that you would never find yourself forced back to work before you are ready or worse, lose your home as you could not afford the mortgage.

read more › That is why your mortgage application will be processed in Birmingham instead of London and Oxford. Office space and staff are cheaper ensuring we can keep our fee low no matter where you live. The internet is not a secure medium and the privacy of your data cannot be guaranteed. We will only use these details to contact you about this enquiry and we will not store your details for marketing purposes.

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