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Uplift Finance Whether you're home buyer or property investor, we offer bespoke solutions tailored to your particular circumstances. Many of our clients come to us with unique situations or require a high quality service. We also act as a Commercial Finance Broker. We connect Lenders with Borrowers to find a solution at a price both parties are happy with. We see our role as solving problems.

It can sometimes be difficult to see where a solution may be found, however with a mixture of hard work and thorough research results can be produced. Our clients come from all walks of life. Some have had difficulty elsewhere and are referred through to us as a specialist. Scroll down to see all the ways we can help. This is Tim, a 45 year old builder who came to us because he wanted a mortgage on three buy-to-let properties.

Was he successful? I have been fortunate to use Uplift for a number of personal re mortgages, BTL refinancing and development projects over the last year. I have already recommended them to a number of friends and associates and can assure anybody who is thinking of using a broker that you will be hard pushed to find one who is more helpful or thorough.

read more › Whether you're home buyer or property investor, we offer a specialist service tailored to your particular circumstances. Many of our clients come to us with unique situations or require a high quality service. Our mission is to help our clients become more financially stable and with luck, richer. Uplift is in this for the long term. We want to build lasting relationships with clients. The British property market faces several challenges. Many people have argued there are not enough homes, that standard construction methods are not eco-friendly enough, and that finance is too restrictive on more Modern Methods of Construction.

read more › Development Finance is a highly specialised area which considers not only what a property is worth now but also what it will be worth once developed. This means you can lend both a portion for the purchase and up to 100% of build costs. Each development deal is bespoke, the interest rate and fees depend on the overall risk profile of the case and general market conditions. The ability to access Development Finance can significantly increase the size of projects you are able to complete. Current news events have shaken the financial system.

read more › A Joint Venture is a profit sharing agreement, they're designed for experienced developers who need to free up capital for other projects. Some JVs do not require any money down at all, with Lenders providing the entireity of purchase, build costs, profeshional fees and so on. Essentially, a Joint Venture is a profit sharing agreement on property developments. It avoids requiring the developer to put in much personal cash and split the profits of the development in return. The most common reason to use a JV is lack of available cash, or to free up funds for future projects.

read more › Current news events have shaken the financial system. Mortgage Lenders have adapted and changed policies, this is a summary of the new Mortgage Landscape. The guidance and/or advice contained within thiswebsite is subject to the UK regulatory regime and is therefore primarilytargeted at consumers based in the UK. Not all products and servicesmentioned are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Uplift Finance is a trading style of Edward Clark which is an Appointed Representative of TryFinancial Ltd.

read more › Are you looking for a first time purchase or want to remortgage we also specialise in commercial land and property requirements. You have seen or have purchased the property to flip, rent or just have as your own but the bathroom is dated and the kitchen is a disgusting 70's green, we can help you borrow the money to renovate it! Serviced accommodation (or 'SA') is a broad term used to accommodate some rental strategies which would not fit on a normal Buy to Let mortgage, such as Airbnb. Depending on the lender and rental strategy used they may refer to this as a 'Holiday Let' or 'Short Let'.

read more › Whether looking for a home purchase, remortgage or as a first time buyer you have be in a situation which others struggle to help with. Many of our clients are referred after having difficulties elsewhere, we do our best to solve these problems. Our job as a mortgage broker is to find solutions for situations that may not be immediately obvious. If you believe your current circumstances will not allow for a mortgage, we may be able to find a way forward. Specialist Lenders can accept a wide variety of income, it's easiest to give us a call and talk through the specifics.

read more › If you are looking to purchase a property to rent out for investment purposes then a Buy to Let mortgage is for you. These mortgages are based on the rental income from the property not your personal earnings. There are a number of rental strategies and investment styles when it comes to Buy to Let. Some buy into personal names while other may buy into a Limited Company or Limited Partnership. This is an area with a wide variety of options, to understand your requirements it is best to give us a call.

read more › Multi unit blocks are often houses which have been converted into several flats, but left on one legal title. You also see more exotic kinds of property financed this way, an example may be land with multiple separate buildings rented separately. Multi unit blocks (MUBs) are generally considered to have higher rental yields like HMOs, though the management of MUBs may be a little easier than a HMO. A multi unit block is a property with multiple self-contained rental units which are on one title.

read more › Bridging loans are used as a short term solution for quick purchases. They are usually used for things like auction properties, or homes that are not currently habitable and in need of refurbishment. A 'bridge' is arranged to cover a gap in financing of between three months and two years. They are quicker and more flexible than a regular mortgage, focusing less and your income and more on the property itself. The prices of bridging loans can vary quite a bit, standard bridges may not cost as much as you think and will complete in around a month.

read more › Our job is to make the complicated process of buying a property run smoothly. We are a 'Whole of Market Independent Mortgage Advisor', which means we can review options across the entire market. The aim is not only to find the best possible price, but choose the right lender for the job. They need to understand your personal circumstances, have a competent team and have the capacity to deal with your enquiry quickly. Most important of all; if they say 'yes' to an application today, this needs to still be a 'yes' in two weeks' time.

read more › After recent tax changes the popularity of purchasing investment property into a limited company has risen. This is a niche area we can guide you through. This is a complex area. However, there is an active market in these kinds of purchases and a general consensus among lenders on how this is done. This has made the process standardised to a point, it may not be as complex as you think. In most people's minds, a limited company is a legal structure set up by an accountant to hold a business. Let's say your local mortgage broker has been operating for two years as a one-man-band.

read more › Current news events have shaken the financial system. Mortgage Lenders have adapted and changed policies, this is a summary of the new Mortgage Landscape. Over the last four weeks we have seen a dramatic tightening in the Mortgage Market. Many high LTV products have been withdrawn, some Lenders have ceased accepting applications and others have repriced products for ongoing cases (an action we haven't seen since 2008). However, it seems that the tightening has slowed and the market is now settling on a consensus.

read more › There are some scenarios where I am advising people to hold steady to see how the crisis unfolds. Throughout this blog I'm going to talk about the only situation that requires quick action remortgaging. I believe a) property prices will drop and b) mortgage lenders will tighten up. Whether dealing with me or going elsewhere, if you're looking to remortgage for any reason, do it quickly. Only two weeks ago the world was quite different. We were enjoying a property price bounce after Brexit and the election.

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