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Whether you're a first time buyer, purchasing / moving home or are thinking about re-mortgaging to a better deal, we can help. We will help arrange your mortgage taking into account all your circumstances, credit problems from a missed credit payment to more serious issues such as defaults, CCJs, DMP, bankruptcy. It is important to us that your experience with Fasttrack Mortgages be as stress free and knowledge driven as possible.

Our services are transparent, personable and flexible. We invest considerable time and resources on comprehensive research technology and tools, which update daily to source you the best rates available. Our aim is to find out about you, your current situation, the type and cost of the property you would like to buy or remortgage. This will help assess your circumstances and show the best way to proceed.

Once we fully understand your personal and financial situation, we search the whole of the mortgage market (with the exception of bridging loans), to find the right one to suit best your needs.

read more › Thinking about stepping onto the property ladder? It can be an exciting time but on the other hand it can also be rather daunting, with a lot to think about, plan and prepare. Our experienced and highly qualified mortgage advisers will see you through this journey. The process of buying your first home can be rather complex, however, through our expertise and sound advice make the steps ahead easier. Our competent mortgage advisers guide you all the way and do all they can to make that purchase possible.

read more › At the end of your fixed rate on mortgage, it can all be very worrying if your payments are set to go up. This is the perfect time to take out re-mortgage. As an existing property owner, we fully understand how important it is for you to get the lowest interest rate on your mortgage. Therefore, we search the market to source the best possible deals available. This is to ensure that your mortgage repayments remain low and affordable. We have a wide range of lenders under our panel and compare and select the best product available.

read more › Whether you are upgrading or downsizing, or simply moving home, it can all be a rather stressful process. Our aim is to give you a total peace of mind by offering you a professional and quality service. We value customer service and are here to make sure the process of buying and selling is as smooth as possible. We take a proactive approach to managing the process - so we are in regular contact with estate agents, solicitors, lenders and yourselves to keep things moving.

read more › Having a second property to let to tenants could reap considerable financial rewards over time. Whether you are landlord with a sizeable portfolio of properties or looking to make your first buy to let property purchase. Here at FastTrack we cater for all. Our highly experienced advisers will calculate to ensure that you are making the right decisions and will work out if the investment is profitable and will advise you accordingly. We have a wide range of lenders on our panel, this enables us to source the most competitive Buy to Let mortgage deals available in the market.

read more › If you are interested in buying your council property under the Right to Buy scheme, we can arrange mortgage for you. If you have been living in a council property for over two years, you may be eligible to purchase the property you are living in. This may be a great opportunity and chance for some to attain their own property. This right to buy scheme allows you to purchase the property you are currently living in at a heavily discounted price. Please note the applications for the Right to Buy scheme, (RTB) are still available for council tenants across England and Wales.

read more › Thanks to the government's Help to Buy Scheme, it aims to help you to buy a home with as little as 5% deposit and have special discounted interest rates. This scheme helps you get on the property ladder and buying your home now more possible. This is a government run scheme and is available throughout the UK. This scheme allows you to take an 20% equity loan out from the value of the property. This, together with just 5% deposit, in turn means that you would only need an 75% mortgage loan amount on the property you're purchasing.

read more › A life assurance policy is the most basic form of life insurance and is usually the cheapest way to insure your life. It covers you for a fixed period and pays out a one off lump sum if you die during the policy term. Critical Illness Cover plans are designed to pay out a lump sum on death or on the diagnosis of one of the specified critical illnesses during the policy term. Income Protection Benefit provides a monthly benefit should you be unable to work due to incapacity caused by illness or injury resulting in a loss of earnings.

read more › Buildings insurance covers the cost of rebuilding your home if it's damaged or destroyed. It's usually compulsory if you're planning to buy your home with a mortgage and you may not be able to get one unless you take out buildings insurance. This type of insurance covers loss or damage to all the things in your home which are not part of the structure or the building. Your rental property is your biggest investment - so you need to have confidence that it's properly protected with the right landlord cover.

read more › As secured loans are tied against your home and can be paid off over a longer period they can tend to have lower monthly payments than other personal borrowing. By filling in your details we will search the market to find the best secured loan deal we can offer you. There is absolutely no obligation to apply, and getting a quote is completely free of charge. So why wait, get a secured loan quote today! A personal loan is an amount of money that a bank or other type of lender can provide to an individual.

read more › Commercial properties are properties that house businesses or operate as investments, like an office building or block of flats. We can arrange commercial mortgages to meet most situations and have the expertise to source the most suitable product that not only meets the client's needs but also provides a competitive package. Business owner-occupier who wants to buy a property and use it as trading premises for your business. Commercial property investor who wants to buy a property and let it out to a business you don't own.

read more › A bridging loan (or 'bridge loan') can be useful if you need to borrow money for a short period. It can help to 'bridge the gap' if you want to buy a new home before selling your old one. Bridging loans can also be used if you buy a property at auction, where you'll need the money immediately but may not have sold your current property yet. Closed bridging loans With a closed loan, there is a fixed repayment date - you will normally be given this kind of loan if you have exchanged contracts but are waiting for your property sale to complete.

read more › For most of us, a property is the most valuable thing we'll ever own. A will is the only way to make sure your new home will go to the right people if something were to happen to you. If you want to make sure that it stays in the family, or goes to a trusted friend, a will is essential. If you die without a will, the law will decide who should inherit your money, your home and your belongings. This can mean that many of the people closest to you won't inherit anything: your wishes won't be taken into account.

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