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J P Mortgages Independent Mortgage Brokers There are many low risk clients who are unable to obtain a mortgage having failed lenders automated decision systems. JP Mortgages, Independent Whole of Market Mortgages Broker have established working relationships with a number of lenders enabling us to place business usually needed to fall outside normal lenders underwritting criteria. We have access to hundreds of lenders offering thousands of mortgage products.

These lenders range from the high street through to specialised lenders to help with those quirky cases. Our aim is to find the best available mortgage which suits your needs and situation. I, John Phillips, have been in the financial services business for 36 years and i work at great speed to get you into your dream home. Call me anytime just for a chat with your many questions and i will put you on the right track immediately.

Mrs Smith has recently sold her main residence and was looking to use a lifetime mortgage for a purchase in York. Mrs Smith, aged 66, could not obtain a traditional mortgage due to her income being insufficient at retirement.

read more › Whether you are an experienced investor landlord with a large portfolio or a first time buyer, JP Mortgages are here to help you secure the best possible mortgage for your circumstances. We have an extensive selection from the whole of the market of buy to let process to choose from to best meet your specific needs including.

read more › If you are looking to let a multi-room property out to multiple occupants who are not related - such as shared student accommodation - then you need to be aware of HMO legislation. Unfortunately for buy-to-let landlords, different local authorities have differing criteria on what is and is not an HMO - and which need to be formally licensed. Perhaps even more frustratingly, mortgage lenders can also vary in their definition of an HMO, and what types of properties they will lend against. For that reason, it can often be advantageous to work with an HMO mortgage broker when looking for Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) mortgages.

read more › If you are currently going through a divorce or separation and your finances are in your joint names (eg joint mortgage, joint life insurance policy etc) then it is important to seek expert advice. There are several options open to you and your spouse/partner and it may be that you have agreed to sell the marital property and split the proceeds. Although more commonly, particularly if children are involved, the preferred option may be for one of you to stay in the home with the children, and the other to be effectively 'paid off' by means of some sort of financial settlement.

read more › Always get independent advice from an FSA (Financial Services Authority) regulated broker. This will not cost you anything and the broker is not tied to any lender so will be able to help you look at the whole market to find the best deal. Try to get as large a deposit as you can (can your parents help you out?) as this will help you get a better del at a lower interest rate. Anything considered slightly risky by the lenders, including high LTV (loan to value) will go against you. Don't make multiple applications to lenders.

read more › Are you looking to buy your Council House? Depending on how long you have been a tenant in the property you will be eligible for a discount on the valuation. This discount varies depending on the area you live in and the length of time you've been in the property. First check that you are a Secure Tenant (most council tenants who live in self contained accommodation are secure tenants). Effectively, this means, you have a right to stay in the property provided you keep the tenancy conditions.

read more › Are you moving home and looking for a mortgage? If so, our service can put you in touch with an Independent Financial Advisor who can help you choose from thousands of different mortgage products and have the right mortgage in place for you when you are ready to move. All brokers registered to this service are independent and will work on your behalf to find the most suitable mortgage for your needs. These brokers are not tied to any bank, building society or other lender and can therefore advise you on any type of mortgage provided by any lender.

read more › We arrange short term loans, most commonly known as Bridging finance. A bridging loan can provide fast access to funding when it is needed most. They are designed to be short-term (usually) not longer than 12 months and require you to have a strategy to ensure that you can repay the loan. Bridging finance loans will always be secured against residential or commercial premises and in some instances even both. Payments are interest only so your monthly repayments are lower as you are not paying back any of the initial advance.

read more › A secured loan is a 2nd or subsequent charge that allows the equity in your property to be used as security. The existing mortgage is left in place and a 2nd charge is taken by the lender for the amount borrowed. Rates of interest are often lower than those charged for unsecured personal loans and are available for employed and self employed including individuals with a low credit score or poor credit history. Secured loans can be an ideal solution to consolidating debts especially if redeeming your existing mortgage incurs penalties or you are on an excellent low penalty rate.

read more › We have developed excellent relationships with a number of banks and specialised lenders, many of which offer a flexible approach to commercial finance. A number of our speciality commercial providers will apply their market experience to find an innovative solution to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to purchase a property, business or remortgage to raise capital our specialised team can assist. Commercial mortgages can be obtained to facilitate the purchase or remortgage of a wide variety of business properties including.

read more › More than 60% of adults in the UK still do not have a WILL. Trust Wills are legal ways to further increase the protection of assets that are left to others in a testator's will. A Trust is a legal structure which can be included as part of your will and can offer increased asset protection for your loved ones. These types of trusts allow people to protect their estate from potential care fees in later years, to secure gifts and inheritance for children from previous relationships and for those who want to leave assets.

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