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Homemaker Mortgages Our focus is helping you find the right mortgage based on your requirements, by offering a personal and professional service, giving you access to market leading exclusive deals not available direct from lenders, as well as mortgages from the many smaller specialist lenders who only work via mortgage advisor. We take the time to understand your individual circumstances and financial requirements, to ensure we research across the mortgage market and recommend the product that best suits your specific needs.

Having worked in the mortgage industry for several years, a large percentage of our clients come directly from people who are happy with the advice given and pass on our details to friends and family.

read more › Or do you simply need finance for investment purposes to buy or develop residential and commercial property for the rental market? Alternatively, are you planning to purchase a commercial property for investment purposes or need finance to develop and refurbish the property you are currently renting? Then contact us today and we will advise you on the best options available for your business. Mortgages available for individual investors, large Plcs, Partnerships, Ltd companies and large residential investment properties.

read more › If you just want to deal with a truly reputable company that can get you a good deal on your mortgage, despite your past or present financial circumstances, then contact us today. We will fully assess your financial circumstances and run through the mortgage options available to you. We can advise on mortgage options for all levels and types of adverse credit including CCJs, Defaults, Mortgage Arrears, Repossessions and bankruptcy. So if you are struggling to get finance and finding that your past or present financial circumstances are making finding a home loan difficult, talk to us today.

read more › If you're thinking about buying your first home you're probably finding the whole process of choosing the right mortgage and actually buying your ideal home rather daunting? So what do you need to know to get on to the first rung of the property ladder? The first step is to contact us and we will advise you on the mortgage options available to you. In the meantime we've outlined below some background information on mortgages for first time buyers that we hope you'll find useful. Income multiples do vary.

read more › We offer mortgage advice from the time you start thinking about moving home until the day you move in. We will reduce the time and hassle in applying for a mortgage by dealing with the mortgage lender throughout the mortgage application process. We will also deal direct with the estate agent and even put in the offer for that new home. If you did not know of a solicitor who could deal with the legal work for the sale and purchase then we have a close relationship with a number of solicitors so could recommend one to you.

read more › Many of us are looking for a better mortgage deal, or would like to release some of the equity in our home but the process is often not as easy as it first appears. We will work with you to check the terms and conditions of your existing mortgage. These will tell if you are tied-in to your mortgage deal or if there are any early repayment charges. You can then decide if it is worth switching to a different rate or stay put until the penalties have expired. There are broadly four types of deal on offer that we can talk you through in more detail and find out which option suits you best.

read more › A secured loan is a loan where you will be required to use your property as security against the loan, so the lender is able to balance the risk of lending to you. The amount that can be borrowed differs from lender to lender and your individual circumstances. Please not this information is to be used as a guide only and the actual payments may vary depending on a number of factors. Please note this information is to be used as a guide only and the actual payments may vary depending on a number of factors.

read more › A policy that in the event of any damage to your property, will give you a sum to cover the majority of the cost of repairs. Damage to your property can be costly to repair, particularly when dealing with fire or storm damage. All lenders will insist this type of cover is in place as it is a common condition of any mortgage. These are just a few of the perils covered. The policy can also be extended to protect your property against events like accidental damage.

read more › Whilst building insurance will protect your actual property, it does not cover all the contents of your home. This type of cover will protect your furniture, soft furnishing, white goods and personal items. Damage to your property can be costly to repair, especially with a major event such as a fire or storm damage. All lenders will insist that you have this type of cover in place and it is actually a condition of your mortgage. These are just a few of the extras available. The basic contents cover may not provide all the cover you require and additional areas of cover can be purchased to suit your individual needs.

read more › A policy that provides a regular income if you are unable to work because of sickness or disability. Many people make the mistake of thinking that should they fall ill, have an accident or lose the ability to work, the State will step in. Wrong - the rules governing sickness benefit claims have changed dramatically. Income Protection should be considered if you would not be able to maintain your standard of living on State Benefits alone. If your regular outgoings are normally met from income, then taking away that income can have drastic and wide ranging implications including inability to meet mortgage and loan payments, as well as basic household bills and living costs.

read more › The loss of a spouse or parent can leave dependants with additional issues to cope with other than the emotional. If you are inadequately insured, your dependants may be left with a dramatically reduced household income, which could affect their quality of life. Potentially there may be reduced opportunities for children such as the ability to pay for a university education or difficulties in maintaining mortgage payments on a reduced income. In the event of your death, a lending institution will not write off your debt.

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