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At Mortgage Experts Online we understand the difficulty and stress involved in finding the right mortgage. Whether this is due to previous bad credit, a complex income, limited self-employed trading history, non-standard property construction, or a combination of these, there are very few scenario's the mortgage advisors we work with have not come across.

There are lots of factors that you believe may be stopping you obtaining a mortgage from a high street lender. Each lenders has different criteria (even on the high street), so just because you cannot get a mortgage with one high street lender, does not mean it is not possible with another - criteria knowledge in this area is key! When it comes to the specialist mortgage lenders there tends to be even more flexibility within their criteria.

The brokers we work with are able to assist in obtaining a mortgage for the following specialist areas;. The above is not a comprehensive list of where we are able to assist, so feel free to contact us to speak to an expert today.

read more › For the most part, the mortgage market has seen a positive shift towards the introduction and improvement of family springboard mortgages. There is now more help for first-time buyers, and it is possible to get onto the property ladder without an actual cash deposit. This article will outline everything you will need to know about family springboard mortgages. For the most up to date information make an online enquiry or call us 0300 124 5655. We will put you in the contact with the best broker for your situation.

read more › Because London house prices are the highest in the country, to reflect this the government increased the size of the equity loan to 40%. However, this amount is restricted to the Greater London area. Also, your Help to Buy agent will be able to advise you on if the property qualifies for the 40% loan. More information on Help to Buy mortgages in different geographical locations can be found here. To begin with, no interest will be charged for the first 5 years of the equity loan. Then the fee is 1.75% of the loan, this will rise each April by Consumer Price Index plus 2%.

read more › Have you struggled to get a mortgage because of an adverse credit history? The Mortgage Experts Online accredited bad credit mortgages advisors make it easier for you to find a mortgage regardless of your credit record. Our bad credit mortgage advisors work with many customers who want to know how to get a mortgage with bad credit. Therefore, if you're wondering that yourself, you're in the right place. Fortunately, the mortgage market is vast and expert advice is close at hand. Conditions for applicants have changed significantly for the better in recent years, making bad credit mortgages more achievable now than ever.

read more › What affect will having a current or previous Debt Management Plan (DMP) have on you getting a mortgage? Credit history plays a critical part in the ability of an individual to get a DMP mortgage, a DMP is one of the credit issues that would be analysed before a person is cleared or approved for a mortgage. High street lenders do not like active debt management plans, however there are options available through specialist lenders. Our experts are highly skilled at obtaining DMP mortgages. While being in a DMP may hurt your credit score and chances of being approved, it is still possible to secure good mortgage deal.

read more › We are work with specialist self-employed mortgage advisors, our experts can help you to find the right self-employed mortgage on the market to meet your specific requirements. From big high street banks and building societies to smaller, more niche lending companies, there is a lot of choice out there. The self-employedmortgage brokers we work with are whole of market and offer completely unbiased advice - ensuring that you get the very best deals available. One of the big hurdles involved when going self-employed can be obtaining a self-employed mortgage.

read more › This article will tell you everything you need to know about sole trader mortgages. Ordinarily known as self-employed mortgages. We talk to people who are a sole trader or any self-employed person, they have been to their bank and been turned away, the frustrating thing is they aren't told the reason why. Therefore, this can leave the sole trader thinking they cannot get a mortgage, which simply isn't true. Mortgage Experts Online have sole trader mortgages and self-employed mortgages experts ready to help.

read more › A remortgage is where you change your existing mortgage deal. Either with the same lender (known as a product transfer) or by moving to another lender altogether. This is the best way to ensure you are on the best deal available to you. Many clients opt to undertake a product transfer with their existing lender. However, is this always the best option? Some of the product transfer rates offered by lenders are not competitive. As a result, if you are still seeing a potential increase in your monthly mortgage payments when assessing the products available to you, it could be time to look at alternative lenders.

read more › Our Mortgage Experts Online accredited advisors are specialists in debt consolidation remortgages. Our remortgage experts will help you to find the right mortgages on the market to meet your specific requirements. From big high street banks and building societies, to smaller more niche mortgage lenders, there is a lot of choice out there. The debt consolidation remortgage brokers we work with are whole of market and offer completely unbiased advice, ensuring that you get the absolute best deal available.

read more › An unencumbered remortgage happens when you own a property outright with no mortgages or other secured debts on the property. This could arise from recently paying off the mortgage or buying a property outright such as at an auction. Subsequently, you may now want to raise some capital from the property, which you can do so with an unencumbered remortgage. Homeowners may wish to remortgage an unencumbered property for several reasons, such as debt consolidation, home improvements, purchasing another property or capital raising for any legal purpose.

read more › A buy-to-let mortgage is when you purchase a property to rent out to tenants and thus the purchaser becomes a landlord. Firstly, the main aim is to rent out the property to make a profit. As a result of having a buy-to-let mortgage, the landlord isn't allowed to reside in the property. Secondly, If you are looking to rent your property to a family member then you would need to get a regulated buy-to let-mortgage. Most landlords take out buy-to-let properties on an interest-only basis and use the rental generated as an income.

read more › Firstly, it is the job of an lifetime mortgages advisor to help you decide if equity release is right for your individual circumstances. Secondly to explain about the impact to inheritance tax and potential loss of benefits. Therefore, they will be able to make a recommendation based on your current circumstances and future considerations. All the lifetime mortgages experts we work with, will consider every aspects of financial planning to ensure that you are fully protected. The equity release council was set up in 1991 to provide regulation and guidance to consumers and providers.

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David Shepherd
David Shepherd
Feb 04, 2022
These helped me with my self-employed mortgage 😎 They were helpful and explained things in simple terms for me.

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