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Loan That's thanks in part to ALBOT, our friendly artificial intelligence. ALBOT searches through 1,000s of the best secured loans, mortgages and personal loans and 100s of lenders in seconds to find the lowest rates for you - whatever your situation. It's fast, it's easy and there are just 3 simple steps. 2. Everything is automated, on larger loans or mortgages, one of our qualified professional advisors will be in touch with the best rates and lenders for you as soon as possible.

Our fast loans and mortgages are guaranteed to always have the lowest rates we have available for your circumstances. Let us help you make your dreams a reality, today. Everything we do is designed to find the best possible loan or mortgage to fit your personal circumstances. We believe your finances should work for you and not the other way around.

ALBOT is the AI future of instantly finding you the best rates. Unlike traditional mortgage and loan advisors, ALBOT has the ability to accurately search through 100s of lenders and compare 1,000s of rates in seconds.

Just so unbelievably quick - found me an answer within 2 days, where I'd been struggling for weeks. Our Superbot takes finding a loan or mortgage to another level, searching only the best out there in seconds, before offering the best rate for you. It's like having the power of 1000 experts, in a single press. Extremely helpful and supporting all the

Really excellent service and very quick response. Everyone involved in the process was smart, clear and I felt really looked after as a customer. Use the calculator below to compare rates from our panel of lenders, without affecting your credit rating. We never charge an upfront fee and you should never pay one to any company for access to a secured

Homeowner loans don't need to be complicated. Discover how to use your home to borrow the money you need, then find the best deal for you with our super-smart tech. Whether you're dreaming of decorating, considering consolidating or have loftier dreams like an attic conversion, a homeowner loan might be perfect for you. Not only do homeowner loans usually

We know home improvements can be expensive, so a loan could give you the cash boost you need to make them a reality. Based on the value of your property and the amount outstanding on your mortgage, the maximum you could borrow is. We're here to help you get the funds you need as quickly as possible, making it easy for you to compare thousands of loan

Finding a second charge mortgage shouldn't have to be complicated. Using our super-smart tech, you can find the lowest possible rates on second charge mortgages, so you won't end up paying a penny more than you need to. Lots of people think that second charge mortgages and remortgages are the same thing, but they're actually quite different. With a

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