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BuildStore is the place for self build, custom build, renovation and conversion products and services in the UK. From researching a project, through to finding land, bespoke self build finance, project insurance, guidance and inspiration, we have it all. Find your perfect plot, project or customisable home with BuildStore. View thousands of individual plots and projects, as well as serviced plots and customisable homes in the UK.

We also list development opportunities. Exclusive mortgages and funding solutions for self and custom build, renovations, conversions or major home improvements. We've got the solution for you, whether the property is to live in, sell or let. As a self builder or renovator, you'll be investing significant time and money into building your dream home - doesn't it make good sense to ensure you've got adequate protection in place both during and after the build?

For comprehensive cover and competitive rates on site insurance and structural warranty, choose BuildCare.

read more › Established in 1998, BuildStore is the UK's leading supplier of support and services for individual homebuilders. From finding a plot of land or a project, through to specialist mortgages, development finance, bridging loans and insurances, we offer a hub for anyone seeking to build, renovate or design a home. BuildStore originally launched as the Self Build Advisory Service in 1998, with a land finding service and as a broker of self build mortgages. We quickly realised that self builders were not offered a comprehensive choice of mortgages and that lenders did not fully understand the specific needs of this type of customer.

read more › BuildStore has a range of services to help you find the perfect plot of land, renovation or conversion project, or customisable home. To make your local authority aware of your interest, sign up to The Right to Build Register. Custom Build Homes is the UK's leading custom build enabling developer, helping people design and create their own homes as part of a supported process. Land4Developers is the essential online land and project finding resource for professional and aspiring property developers.

read more › Government legislation dubbed 'Right to Build' means that you can express your interest in a serviced plot in your preferred local authority area, by registering as an individual or as a group. Right to Build is about supporting aspiring self and custom builders, just like you. Building your own home is the norm throughout the world. In Europe, Japan and Australia, self and custom build accounts for at least half of all new housing. It is especially popular in Austria where it accounts for 80% of new properties, while in France it accounts for 60% of new homes.

read more › If there was ever a piece of Government legislation that could make it easier for you to design and create your own home, The Right to Build is it. If you want to change your local area for the better and create an incredible home for you and your family, sign up today. Across the UK, there are plenty of people who dream of living in a home that isn't identical to hundreds of others across the county - bland, predictable designs, built by developers to make the maximum gain from the minimum quality.

read more › Custom build gives you the opportunity to design and create your own home as part of a supported process. Work with a specialist developer or enabler to create a home that suits your requirements. Custom building is where you work with an "enabler" to design and create your own home. There are a range of delivery methods available, and numerous organisations acting as enablers including; developers, house builders, land owners and local planning authorities. Every custom build development will have its own proposition, and will often offer a menu of support to guide you as your new home is created - so you can choose to do as much, or as little as you like.

read more › Self build, custom build, renovation, conversion, knock-down and rebuild, home improvements - to live in, sell on, or to let. Whatever you're planning, we've got the perfect funding solution. If you're looking to build a property or multiple properties to sell or let, you will require development finance, rather than a mortgage. Our award-winning short term funding team can provide you with the support you need and obtain the right deal for your property development plans. Every self build or renovation project needs site insurance - and any lender providing finance for a project will insist on adequate cover.

read more › BuildStore has project finance for every project type. Whether you're self or custom building, renovating or converting an existing property, or making some major home improvements, whether it's to live in, sell or let - we can find the perfect funding solution. Self build allows you to create a home that perfectly suits your lifestyle, both in terms of practicality and design. Most opportunities encompass a stand-alone plot, which may or may not have services in place, where you facilitate the build - with as much or as little involvement as you like.

read more › Whether you're a first time self builder or an old hand at this game, you'll need funding in place to drive your build through its various stages. The chances are that at least some of that funding will come from a mortgage. For most people getting their finances in order is an important starting point for their self build project. If you need to borrow money then finding the right mortgage for your build is crucial to ensuring the success of the project. There are different ways in which this money can be released and your choice of product will depend on your own particular circumstances.

read more › Just as self and custom build projects are different, so are the mortgage requirements. With custom build, you are purchasing a house and paying for it in stages, as it is built for you. BuildStore has created a range of exclusive mortgages to suit the specific needs of custom builders. Your custom build home will be facilitated by a developer. You will be buying a fully serviced plot with all of the services and infrastructure in place and be supported by professionals. There are different routes to custom building your home with varying levels of involvement.

read more › Buying a run-down house that needs significant renovation or converting an old building such as a barn can be the ideal way to get the house you want at a price you can afford. When it comes to funding a renovation property, it's worth noting the majority of high street lenders will only offer a mortgage on a property that they consider to be habitable (with a working bathroom and kitchen) eliminating many 'unconventional' and renovation projects. So if you want to buy a property that is derelict, or want to convert a non-residential building such as a barn or warehouse, you will most likely need a more specialist approach.

read more › Deciding on the best way to fund your project can be daunting but this is where BuildStore comes in. We are experts in home improvement finance and we can offer a range of funding solutions from all of the top lenders as well as exclusive mortgage products not available elsewhere. BuildStore Mortgage Services is the UK's leading homebuilding finance expert, with access to a range of borrowing solutions including exclusive mortgages specifically designed for home improvement projects, offering competitive rates and guaranteed upfront payments.

read more › One of our key achievements is the access to funding we've created through specially tailored products, delivered by a panel of leading mortgage lenders and exclusive to BuildStore Mortgage Services. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with our stage payment types and their benefits. BuildStore offers Cost Based Mortgages and Valuation Based Mortgages. The right mortgage for you will depend on your individual circumstances and project.

read more › You are building a bespoke home and just as no two projects are the same, there is no one-size-fits-all funding solution. Stage payment mortgages are specifically designed to suit the needs of homebuilders. They differ from traditional mortgages as they release funds in stages - in arrears or in advance. Depending on your individual circumstances, your stage payments will either be guaranteed based on your costs (Cost Based Mortgages), or rely on a rising value throughout the build (Valuation Based Mortgages).

read more › Guaranteed stage payments based on your project costs, either before or after each stage of works. Relax safe in the knowledge you'll have the cash you need, when it's needed. BuildStore's unique cost based mortgages provide guaranteed stage payments based on your build costs, either before or after each stage of works, depending on your payment schedule - even when there has been no uplift in the value of works completed. This way you will have certainty in your budget, and peace of mind knowing you'll have the cash you need, when it's needed.

read more › A valuation based mortgage releases funds upfront to purchase your plot, and then after each stage of works are complete. With BuildStore, you can borrow up to 85% of your project costs (compared to 75% for most other lenders), and your stage releases are reliant on a valuation taking place which shows an uplift in value throughout the build. This can cause problems because there is a risk of the property being devalued during the build - particularly during the foundations stage. Also, most lenders will hold a retention of 5-10% of your loan until the build is complete - which is tricky in the latter build stages where you have electricians, joiners & plumbers onsite who need paid daily in cash.

read more › BuildStore created the Accelerator Scheme which quite simply releases funds at the beginning of each stage rather than at the end. What's more with Accelerator, it's possible to borrow up to 95% of your land and build costs. Created by and exclusive to BuildStore - the Accelerator stage payment mortgage gives you the money you need when you need it! With Accelerator your lender will release money at the beginning rather than the end of each build stage. You will also get the cash you need to fund the early stages of your build - including your plot or property purchase.

read more › BuildStore is the leading mortgage adviser in the UK, specialising in mortgages and finance, specifically for homebuilding projects. We've helped more than 25,000 people successfully build their own homes. When it comes to finding the best mortgage for your self build or renovation project, it's not as easy as dropping into your high street lender, or hitting the mortgage comparison websites to find, what seems to be, the most competitive rate. Most high street lenders shy away from this type of lending because they simply don't understand it and the concept of lending money against a property that's not yet built, holds little appeal.

read more › At BuildStore, we've made it our mission to solve the problems, traditionally associated with mortgages for homebuilding projects. You'll find features like higher lending percentages, advance stage payments and guaranteed payments based on your project costs. Many years ago, while working as a property lawyer, BuildStore's CEO Raymond Connor realised that the mortgage products available to customers building or renovating their own homes, seemed to be fundamentally at odds with their funding requirements, and in many instances, preventing projects getting underway at all.

read more › BuildStore Mortgage Services is a specialist brokerage. Our mortgage advisers have unbeatable knowledge and know-how when it comes to finding you the right mortgage for your homebuilding project. Many of them have built their own homes so have first hand experience too! BuildStore's mortgage advisers are different. First off, they really understand homebuilding but more than that, they understand build types, costings, cashflow and they know which lender will be best suited to your individual circumstances and project, putting you in the best position for success.

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