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The Money Partnership A friendly, down-to-earth, honest team of independent financial advisers and mortgage advisers based in Newport, South Wales. Looking for pension or mortgage advice? Look no further! We're here to take the worry away from making those big financial decisions and guide you into a better position. Coming out of a 2 year deal I spoke to Dave and he gave me a couple of options which I hadn't even considered.

As a result I am saving money on my mortgage each month and have been able to completely clear off old debt. Absolute no brainer! The whole process was simple. Dave and his team were very professional and responsive from start to finish. Look forward to more savings in 2 years time! Great advice and help navigating the financial options right for me.

With the knowledge and insight of experienced advisors on your side, you can rest assured knowing you have made the right choice. What a great service, can't recommend enough! They completely took the stress out of mortgage hunting and helped us in getting the right mortgage for our new home.

read more › You care about your family and so do we. The services we offer focus on protecting you and your family, to give you peace of mind so that you can enjoy every moment with them. It might not be what you want to hear, but we will always be 100% honest. It's important that you know all the possible risks and outcomes related to your financial decisions. Our services are not transactional, we encourage an on-going relationship so that you can feel comfortable coming to us and asking for help when you need it.

read more › People naturally gravitate towards Geraint. He has an approachable and straightforward manner with regards to helping people understand and improve their financial position. His efforts in developing himself and the business demonstrates an enthusiasm for learning better ways to help people save, grow and protect their money. Geraint has worked in the financial sector for over 20 years, originally working in the corporate world of Halifax and Barclays. He then made the move to become an Independent Financial Advisor and look after his own clients.

read more › Whether you're looking to buy your first home, move home, re-mortgage or step into the world of property investment, we can get you that YES! We understand everyone has different financial circumstances, which is why we look at the bigger picture, helping you make decisions now that will also accommodate your future plans. You probably have a lot of questions about how much you can borrow, how soon you can get a mortgage and how our service process works, so go ahead, we've got all the answers right below.

read more › At The Money Partnership we work closely with solicitors, accountants and many other professionals, offering our support to enhance your service and make your clients' money work better for them. We can offer your clients financial support throughout their divorce and help with necessary financial arrangements post-divorce including mortgages, pensions and protection insurance. Does your client need proof of their mortgage borrowing to help the court make financial decisions? At The Money Partnership we offer a speedy and professional mortgage capacity assessment service, helping your clients provide the necessary documentation for court and also gain an insight into their mortgage future.

read more › Am I going to have enough? How much is enough? How early can I retire? What happens when? We will work with you to answer all the questions that worry you. Here's some information to get you thinking about your pension and retirement plans. We also offer pension reviews at no cost, get in touch and let us help you find out how much you've got in your pension and how well it's performing. Using these figures, you can start to put together a budget planner noting what your income and potential outgoings will be in this new pattern of living.

read more › Investments is such a complex area. Our job is to understand your financial goals, get to know your risk profile and match you with the right investment portfolio. Take a look below at what it looks like to invest money when we're looking after you. We have worked in the industry for many years and manage, quite literally, millions of clients' hard earned pounds, because of this we have become very used to new clients having concerns and being anxious when it comes to making their first investment.

read more › Whether you want to flip a property, get your first buy-to-let or build your portfolio, we can help you achieve any of these! We understand everyone has different financial circumstances and goals which is why we look at the bigger picture, helping you lay foundations now that will also accommodate your future plans. Ready for a new venture? Getting a buy-to-let property is great way of generating extra monthly income and in the long run another income stream when you retire or another form of pension pot.

read more › This isn't something you should think about, it's something you need! Below, are the policies we provide to protect families and businesses should someone unexpectedly pass away or become ill. Putting protection in place is essential for you and your family. If you were taken ill, couldn't work, or worse passed away, your family need that financial support. A life insurance policy provides a tax free lump-sum if you were to pass away. It can help to replace your income and provide a financial safety net.

read more › Later life planning is all about protecting your families future and safeguarding your money from unnecessary fees and taxes. None of us like the thought of getting older, never mind talking about later life. However, without careful planning the money you have worked your whole life for could be taken away from you. The key to protecting your money and your home is getting professional help as early as possible. With age comes mobility issues, frailty, memory loss, physical illnesses. Not everyone goes into care but because we are living longer, this number is increasing as you can imagine.

read more › We want to make sure you have as much information as you need to make the right financial decisions. Here we've answered all the common questions we get about mortgages, pensions, investments, property investment, protection and later life planning. Depending on your individual circumstances you can borrow between 4.5-6 times your personal income. Lenders will also factor in any credit commitment that you have and your living costs. If you would like us to run through your affordability give us a call.

read more › Everyone can improve their financial position, but not everyone holds themself accountable. So, we decided to create a structure that does exactly that. Joining The Money Partnership is like having a personal trainer for your money. We set our members regular tasks and host weekly coaching calls to ensure they are continuously making progress. If you're ready to press play on your financial fitness journey, speak to one of our coaches about becoming a member.

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