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County Financial Advice Independent financial advisors in Southampton providing pension, investment, mortgage and insurance advice. Our Independent Financial Advisors in Southampton provide guidance and advice to help you make important financial decisions. If you need help with your pension, investments, savings, estate planning (IHT etc.), we're here for you. Our holistic approach to financial planning enables us to prepare a tailored solution that fits your unique requirements.

We compare mortgages from the whole market to find a solution that fits your needs and budget. Our years of experience in the industry put us in the ideal position to help you with your mortgage enquiry. From simple residential purchases & re-mortgages through to more complex commercial requirements, our advisers can assess your needs and talk you through your options.

We will not sell you something you don't need but we will make you fully aware of all the available options so you can make an informed decision. Without independent financial advice your choices can be limited and you may not have access to the best options available.

read more › Based in central Southampton our independent financial advisers deliver a premier service to clients of all sizes. Book your free initial consultation. Whether you need help with your first investment or you are planning your approaching retirement we can assist you with helpful, professional advice. By helping you plan and implement a tailored strategy we aim to build a lasting relationship with you and provide ongoing support and advice as your needs and priorities change. Book an appointment with one of our advisers in the comfort of your home, at a time that suits you.

read more › It is becoming increasingly popular for discerning investors to carefully consider the impact of investment choices on the world and make more ethical decisions. In response to demand, more ethical investing options are available to conscientious investors like you. We care a great deal about the future of this world and the prosperity of our clients which, makes us eager to help you invest ethically, intuitively and with the confidence that our interests are aligned with yours. Our independent advice gives you access to tried-and-tested mainstream ethical funds that have grown and improved through years of developing successful, ethical investing principles.

read more › We provide insurance solutions from a wide range of companies across the market including many well known, household names and lesser known specialist providers. It is not possible to 'apply on-line' here. We firmly believe that the complexity of some of the protection products and the disastrous consequences of not having the right cover in place means it is vital to seek advice. If you do it yourself and things go wrong there may be nobody to turn to and mistakes could be costly. Sometimes getting cover isn't straightforward.

read more › Life Insurance (more accurately known as Life Assurance) is one of the most important and well known types of cover. It is easy to understand why it is needed and it is often low cost compared to other methods of providing financial protection for your family. For the sake of a few pounds () per month why shouldn't you leave your family with the money they need for a better life? A policy can be: level, decreasing, index linked, term, whole of life, convertible, be placed in trust, include waiver of premium, pay a lump sum, pay a monthly amount.

read more › We then work to maintain the mortgage to keep the home and a roof over our heads and this usually continues for about 25 years. Will you be paying just the interest or the capital and the interest (such as a repayment mortgage) or is interest being 'rolled up' (added to the debt but not paid off). With an Interest Only mortgage the balance of the debt stays the same over the whole term. An insurance policy that provides a 'level' amount of cover would be suitable to protect this type of arrangement.

read more › The remaining parent will need to think very quickly about how they are going to cope financially. It is sensible to think about additional family cover separately to other cover because it may need to be set up differently. A repayment mortgage could be covered with insurance that decreases over time but decreasing cover may not be suitable for family protection. Insurance serves an important purpose - it provides protection when it is needed the most. The amount of cover needed while your children are young and vulnerable will be different compared to when they are all grown up with families of their own.

read more › Existing medical conditions and even family medical history can have an affect on the cost and the availability of insurance. A serious or severe condition could increase the price or cover could even be turned down. What we do: Before any applications are submitted we can speak directly to insurance underwriters (the people who make the decisions) about your situation to find out what cover might be available. We'll need to know the name of the condition, when it was diagnosed, how severe it was/is and how it affects you.

read more › There are a number of factors that can have an affect on the insurance options available. These can include family medical history, certain medical conditions and occupations that expose the life and well-being of an individual to an increased amount of risk. The affects can vary and could result in a price increase, 'exclusions', a reduction in the quality of the cover or cover could even be declined. Where one insurance company will increase the price or reduce the level of cover another may not.

read more › Whether you fly as part of your occupation or purely for recreation our advisers have experience finding competitive life insurance for pilots flying a variety of aircraft including commercial jets to micro-lights and everything in between. We research to help you find the best life insurance for pilots with no aviation exclusion so you're covered while you fly. Because we don't represent any insurance companies we can work to your unique requirements and find a suitable solution from the market based on the highest quality of cover.

read more › If you're over 50 and in good shape or only have minor health issues you could get 2x the cover with a Whole of Life Policy compared to an Over 50 Plan. That's double the amount for your loved ones! We give you free advice from a fully qualified Independent Financial Adviser with access to a wide range of insurers. We will compare a competitive Over 50 Plan with a Whole of Life Policy and send you a comparison quote. When it comes to taking out cover to leave a little something for your loved ones there are 2 popular choices.

read more › Request your Inheritance Tax Insurance Quote and we'll email you a personalised quote within 24 hours. Thankfully, you can protect your beneficiaries from the tax burden with a simple 'Whole of Life' insurance policy. If you're not sure how much cover you need, we can help you calculate your potential inheritance tax liability and provide a quote for the insurance you need. The money generally comes from the deceased person's estate. However, because the tax must be paid within six months of the death and before the grant of probate can be issued (or grant of confirmation in Scotland), sometimes the executor has to borrow the money or pay it from their own funds.

read more › Insurance to protect business interests is available for a variety of different situations that can affect business owners and business continuity. If an important member of staff is taken seriously ill or dies the effects on a business can be severe with a potential loss of sales and a reduction of income and cash flow. There may also be costs involved in finding or training a replacement. Cover can be taken out by a business on the life of a 'key person' to protect against death or the diagnosis of a serious illness (from a defined list of illnesses) or long term absence from work due to illness or injury.

read more › There is a real risk that your business will lose an important member of staff to illness, injury or worse. A Key Person Insurance Policy puts money in your business bank account so you can keep trading. You could get a substantial lump sum straight away or a regular monthly amount to replace lost income. It is estimated that 40% of businesses would stop trading in under one year after the death/illness of a key person. If one of your company vehicles breaks down do you cover the cost of repairs yourself or claim on insurance?

read more › Put simply, critical illness cover pays a sum of money (lump sum or monthly) if the policyholder is diagnosed with one of a wide range of qualifying critical illnesses. Insurance companies provide cover for a set number of illnesses and the number of illnesses covered is different for every insurance company. Some cover around 50 illnesses and one covers over 100. Critical = Serious, not terminal (you're likely to survive but the effects could be severe). 1/ The chances of suffering a critical illness during the term of your mortgage or while your children are still young is surprisingly high (Legal & General claims statistics for 2012 show that over 50% of male critical illness claimants and more than 70% of female claimants were under the age of 50).

read more › Without it you will struggle financially at a time when stress and hardship are the last thing you need. If you're not sure how much cover you may need, use our handy income protection calculator. With access to the whole market we can compare all of the available options and help you get cover tailored to your needs. It is estimated that the average British household only has a 26 day gap from 'deadline to breadline' and for working age families that comes down to just 11 days! If you are self employed you wont receive sick pay and you will have to rely on your savings straight away and even if you are employed your sick pay may only last a few weeks.

read more › We compare all your mortgage options - from the whole market - and provide expert advice to help you throughout the process. Whether you need help buying your first home or with a straightforward remortgage - our attention to detail will make sure things go as smoothly as possible. Book an appointment with one of our advisers in the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you. Take away some of the stress by choosing experienced mortgage advisers who will guide you every step of the way.

read more › By working closely with commercial finance brokers we can source business loans, commercial mortgages, development finance & secured loans. Are comfortable with small, short term finance through to high end, high value, multi-million lending. A brief conversation about your circumstances and requirements discussing the type of commercial finance you require, is all it takes for us to start working on your behalf. If you have a need for asset financing, commercial mortgages, commercial secured loans, development finance, buy to let portfolio funding or any other type of commercial finance, get in touch.

read more › Solicitors are ranked according to quality and price so you know you are dealing with experienced, competitive conveyancers working with you in mind. Depending on the type of mortgage transaction taking place there may be other services needed to complete the process but these are some of the most common. Experience, efficiency, attention to detail and speed are paramount to a smooth and swift process. The solicitor will write to you directly to confirm the information they may have already been provided and to ask a series of important questions to help them carry out the work required.

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