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The Mortgage Helpers Learn more about the mortgage process, and feel prepared for moving. Our experts are able to answer your questions, and also offer advice on the best mortgage for you. When you're considering a different type of mortgage, including a remortgage or a buy to let, we're also able to help. We're experts in all mortgage-related matters, and offer expert advice to all.

Thinking about things going wrong isn't nice, but it is necessary. Find out what protection is available if your mortgage can't be paid, for whatever reason. At The Mortgage Helpers, we serve customers nationwide of our base in Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire. Our mortgage advice has helped a countless number of people to find their perfect home, and our financial advisors have the skills to help you do the same.

Our team has more than 15 years of experience, and the skills and knowledge that we've gained in this time help us to give you the best advice. We're also authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Count on our friendly and professional service if you're looking for a new home.

read more › Based in Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire, we offer mortgage advice to anyone considering buying a home in the area. Whether it's your first home, or a remortgage is on the horizon, The Mortgage Helpers is able to offer expert advice. With more than three years of business experience, and a further 15 years of experience providing financial advice to customers in Hampshire, we have the skills and knowledge to get you the best deals. From initial application, through to moving into your new home, we deal with everything you need us to.

read more › Our expert mortgage advisors talk you through every stage of your mortgage application. From researching all of your options, through to moving into your new home, we help with everything. Based in Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire, The Mortgage Helpers is here whenever you need us, and we're able to work on applications at all stages. This is when we meet you for the first time, and we start to explore what you need from a mortgage. By getting lots of information on your situation and aspirations, we're able to give you the best advice.

read more › Buying your first home is an exciting time. There's nothing quite like the feeling of owning your own place, and we went to make first-time buyers as comfortable as possible. The experience of researching and applying for your first mortgage is exciting, but it also has the potential to be very difficult. Based in Lee-on-Solent, The Mortgage Helpers is ready to walk you through this process, and we make sure you're getting the very best deal. Buying your first home is an exciting prospect, but can also feel daunting and knowing where to start to get onto the property ladder can sometimes be overwhelming.

read more › Based in the Fareham and Gosport area we have Remortgaging Options for customers throughout the UK. Remortgaging to a different deal could potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds a year, so it's important to review your mortgage regularly to see if better deals are available elsewhere. The main reasons people remortgage is to save money (by securing a lower rate of interest on the debt), or maybe because they are moving to a different property. Another reason to remortgage is to release capital (or 'equity') from you rproperty to pay for things such as home improvements, or to pay off other debts.

read more › Based in the Fareham and Gosport area we have Buy to Let options for customers throughout the UK. If you are planning to buy a property to rent out a buy-to-let mortgage will be needed. As many existing landlords already know, this market has shrunk considerably over the last few years. However, there are still mortgages out there. Low returns on savings accounts make a buy-to-let property as an investment a more attractive option. Landlords in many parts of the country are also enjoying increasing demand from tenants, who are struggling to afford a deposit on their first home.

read more › You need to consider what would happen to you, your partner and your family if you couldn't pay your mortgage due to considerable change in circumstances. Our mortgage advisers have access to a range of protection providers to help ensure, should the worst happen, you can keep the roof over you and your family's head. Life insurance gives you peace of mind that your loved ones will be provided for should you die. There are many different ways to arrange life cover and our advisors can help you find the best deals available.

read more › I just wanted to tell you how helpful and patient Amy has been in dealing with our remortgage. It has been a complete nightmare from the solicitors and local council side of things, and she has kept on at them throughout and managed to get things sorted just six days before our mortgage offer expired. A big sigh of relief and a huge thank you and pat on the back for Amy. She is a credit to your team; I will be recommending your service to anyone who will listen to me. Jamie has dealt with the remortgage of my property in Welling, Kent.

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