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Berks Finance Management at Berks Finance have vast experience of corporate and private banking, credit appraisals and mortgage market. Our corporate team is headed by retired vice president from an international bank. Similarly our in house credit team is headed by ex-credit manager from corporate banking. We have close relationships with major banks as well niche lenders.

Right from first point of contact we try to understand your business need and find the right lending product most suitable for your business. This includes arranging a visit to your business premises, going through your financials, holding initial meeting with the bank to discuss your case. We then prepare a comprehensive report on your business, market analysis, financial analysis, loan serviceability and viability and then prepare a credit application to get the funding approved by the bank.

Our residential mortgage team consists of experienced panel who have access to all mortgage lenders. Tempting headline mortgage rates are often tied up with high fee or other conditions that can make the offer / product unsuitable for your need.

read more › Our mortgage service is designed to save you time and money. As well as finding the right mortgage, we will also make sure it completes on time, making the whole process a lot less stressful. Whether you are self-employed with only one year of accounts or a professional with no tax return, we can find the right source of mortgage for you. Whether you are a self-employed contractor like IT or building contractor we can find the lender who will assess your mortgage application on an individual basis rather than using a systematic approach.

read more › Buying a house for the very first time is one of the most exciting feelings towards owning your own house. Good news is that mortgage lenders are keen on first time buyers, resulting in a huge number of mortgage schemes that are widely available. Given the types and complexity of mortgage options available in the market for first time buyers, it makes sense to take professional advice. At Berks Finance we select the best deal from every lender in the country for first time buyers. Our advice is free and our quotes carry no obligation whatsoever.

read more › Lot of people invest in residential properties with the objective to earn rental income. Over the period market for buy to let mortgages has boomed, and lenders have introduced many various types of buy to let mortgage products. This has also made buy to let financing more complicated and confusing. It is crucial that you secure the right type of buy to let mortgage that suits your circumstances. We have wealth of experience in selecting the best buy to let mortgage deals from vast range of either high street lenders or niche lender operating in this market.

read more › The right to buy scheme allows council tenants to buy their homes at a discounted price, provided that they meet minimal qualification criteria. To qualify for the right to buy you need to have been public sector tenant for a minimum of two years. We specialise in providing right to buy mortgages for council & housing association tenants to buy their council house. Our advice is free and our quotes carry no obligation whatsoever. If you would like to make an enquiry with us, our advisors are available only a phone call away, or if you prefer we can call you back.

read more › In current mortgage climate lots of people are having difficulties in obtaining a mortgage, especially if you are after mortgages for the self-employed. For many self-employed people sourcing a mortgage has become more difficult with the removal of self-certification mortgage system following the FCA changes. Majority of lenders now require three years trading accounts or tax returns for example, which can make things very difficult. There are in fact lenders available who can offer a solution to three year accounts or tax returns.

read more › Berks Finance can provide funding solution to help property developers finance the construction of new property developments, conversion or refurbish of residential and commercial land or property. We can arrange loan facility of up 65% to buy the site and up to 100% of all build costs. This fund is generally released in tranches on completion of construction stages i.e. foundation, wall plate, roof on etc. We can also find joint venture partners who will fund 100% of construction cost. This can be arranged on a 50/50 split on profits giving land owners a significant profit without having to invest a penny on construction.

read more › Our management consists of a retired vice-president from an international bank and credit managers from corporate banking background. Our team of advisors have breadth and depth of business and finance experience. We can arrange finance for trading businesses, franchise businesses, commercial investment property, residential investment property development finance, agriculture and also finances for leasehold businesses. Typically for commercial mortgages we will consider applications for up to 25 years with a maximum loan to value of 80%.

read more › We cater all trading sectors like petrol forecourts, grocery and convenience stores, restaurants and cafes, car workshops and garages, pharmacies, child care business, care homes, dental practice, agriculture mortgage, etc. Typically for commercial mortgages we will consider applications for up to 25 years with a maximum loan to value of 80%. In certain sectors these terms are different. We can also offer a tailored funding solution to satisfy all our clients' funding needs. For instance we can arrange a fixed or variable rate loan, defer up to two commercial mortgage loan repayments in any year, take capital repayment holiday for all or part of first 24 months.

read more › We lend to experienced property professional, inexperienced individual, partnerships or limited companies (both UK and offshore). We can lend funds to purchase new commercial or semi commercial investment property or to refinance an existing property. We can even consider shorter rental lease terms if there is a demand to re-let your property. Berks Finance offered us 100% Finance based on our merchant sales. There was no interest rate linked with the loan and we only had to pay back when we could afford it.

read more › We arrange funding through specialist banks, private equity firms and consortiums interested in the finance and development of residential and commercial sites. This means we can help you whether it is your first project or you are an experienced developer whether you developing single plot or apartment blocks, from refurbishments to large housing estates. We can arrange up to 65% of loan to buy the site and up to 100% of the built cost paid out in stages as and when each stage is finished. This is where our mezzanine finance product play important role in bridging the funding gap or cash flow shortfalls.

read more › Biggest challenge that any developer has is to maximise the available cash for property developing. Typically a bank will lend up to 60% of GDV and the balance need to be funded by the developer from his own pocket. We can provide you a top up finance also called mezzanine fiance up to 90% of all cost. This is a perfect solution for a project where there is a shortfall between the primary bank's maximum loan and capital needed from the developer. It works by filling the funding gap. Whilst primary lender will take first charge over the property, mezzanine finance is typically secured via second charge over the property.

read more › Merchant cash advance is a tailored funding solution to raise between 3,500 and 100,000 of unsecured funding for any business that takes payments via debit or credit cards. As long as you are trading for at least 12 months and your minimum average monthly card sales is 3,500, we will fund up to 100% of your average monthly card sales. Loan is normally approved within 48 hours and funding is paid directly into your business account within days. Berks Finance offered us 100% Finance based on our merchant sales.

read more › We offer specialised support in terms of financing for farming operations. We can offer agricultural mortgage up to 80% over 25 year term. We can raise loan to buy out shareholders in your farming business. We cater for cyclical nature of funding needs in agriculture like organic farming. Although typically our loan will be over 25 year term but it can carry flexibility to pay back any amount of capital in first five years. If your cash flow is tight then you only pay interest in first five years.

read more › Flexible purpose - buy out a partner, discharge debt, and refurbish premises or working capital. We can offer unique loans for leasehold businesses as an alternative to high street bank funding. Typically we can lend leasehold businesses in hospitality, leisure and retail sectors. We can lend from 50k to 5 million. Our lending is influenced by reports provided by our expert valuers and also management experience and background play a vital role in assessing and underwriting the case. We can lend up to 50% of purchase price payable over half the unexpired term of the lease.

read more › Our Mergers & Acquisitions team helps you prepare a diligent plan to exit your company or embark on an acquisition path. Whether you are looking to exit now or in medium term, whether you are looking at integration and diversification as part of your M&A strategy we can help you with pre-merger preparation and post-merger integration. We help you source a meaningful deal that is tied to your firm's growth strategy. Our team will conduct all due diligence and guide you on key sources of valuation on various integration factors like product synergy, IT compatibility, culture, etc. on your acquisition thus enabling you to either set your offer price or walk away from the deal if the price is not right.

read more › Land for sale in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. A building plot situated in a popular residential area in Hemel Hempstead. Planning permission has been approved for a single dwelling which will comprise living room/dining room, kitchen, cloakroom, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. Outside are gardens both front and rear and parking for two vehicles. Residential development in Surrey. Secluded Residential Development site with full Planning Consent granted by Runnymede Borough Council for two 4 bedroom detached properties set in gardens totaling over 1.5 acres.

read more › Once unit is completed and sold the law firm returns investors' monies together with profit split as per investors' shareholding. Whether you are UK based or non UK resident, we always look at opportunities to create a consortium of investors interested in real estate projects in UK, USA and Dubai. We have various real estate investment and development projects that often require quick access to funding. If you are a sophisticated investor who is aware of the opportunities and potential profits (and of course the potential downsides) of investments in real estate deals, you may wish to look at real estate investment opportunities available with us.

read more › Investor's money is always transferred to a client account with a regulated solicitor in UK or USA depending where the opportunity lies. Money is then transferred by the solicitor towards purchase of property. Your investment is secured in specially created SPV that owns the property. Typically we hold rental properties for 5 - 7 years and development projects for 12 months. Every year we publish the market value of portfolio of properties that you have invested your money in. At the expiry of minimum term, you have the opportunity to vote on whether to sell or retain the property for another agreed term.

read more › You will start receiving advance notice of new investments and will be able to acquire the full legal investment packs in relation to each investment. These contain all relevant information about the company, the specific properties, the returns payable and the anticipated profit and other detail terms and condition. If you wish to proceed with any investment, you sign and return the share application form and transfer the appropriate payment directly to our solicitor's client account. You never pay any money to us directly.

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