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Chiltern Mortgage Advisors is a friendly and experienced mortgage brokerage based in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. We will use our years of mortgage broking experience on your behalf to guide you through the mortgage process and get you the very best deal. We aim to provide a total service from start to finish, helping you along every step of the way and making the whole process as simple as possible.

Looking to purchase a property? We can help. It can be pretty confusing out there in the mortgage market but having an experienced guide helps a lot. We will talk through your requirements, suggest a solution and research the market for the very best rate on your behalf. Is your current deal running out? Are you still on the best rate? Have a chat to us and we will look at your options.

It's not always the best idea to swap providers but we will tell you if you should be considering it. Are you thinking of buying a property as an investment? Buy to let mortgages rely primarily on the rent from the property rather than your income.

read more › Chiltern Mortgage Advisors was founded to provide excellent mortgage broking services in Buckinghamshire and the surrounding counties. Our aim is to use our years of experience and extensive contacts to make the process of getting a mortgage as simple as possible. These days it's not as easy as checking a mortgage best buy table, or talking to the bank that you hold your current account with. Whilst it is possible that you might end up with the best deal this way there are a many factors that you may not have considered that could have an impact on your decision.

read more › It can be a be a bit daunting when you need to get a mortgage to purchase a new home. Whether you are a first time buyer, or have moved many times, there are lots of questions that you need answers to. How much deposit do I need? How much can I borrow? What is the most suitable deal for my requirements? These are just a few of them. A good mortgage broker should be able to talk you through all the issues that might impact your decision. With over 20 years experience there aren't many situations that we haven't seen.

read more › There can be several reasons to consider remortgaging. If your initial rate is running out then checking to see if your existing lender will offer you a better deal to stay with them is a good idea. You should also be checking to see if another lender will offer you a better deal. Whatever you do, don't let your current mortgage automatically change to the lenders Standard Variable Rate as this is likely to be much more expensive. You may also be considering raising some funds, perhaps for a home extension, or maybe to consolidate some debt on better terms.

read more › The main difference between buy to let mortgages and residential mortgages is that the size of the mortgage available is based on the rent from the property, and how big the loan is in relation to the value of the property. Many lenders like the borrower to have an income of at least 25,000pa as well. There are other considerations to take into account when investing in property. The stamp duty is higher by 3% than a residential property and the government is proposing a change in the tax regime that removes the relief that higher rate tax payers used to enjoy.

read more › There are many reasons that bridging finance may be required. The most common of these is when a property needs to be purchased, but an existing property has not yet been sold. Another is when work needs to be done to a property before a more standard mortgage can be applied for. There are lenders that specialise purely in providing funds for bridging. In recent years fierce competition has meant a drop in rates but compared to standard mortgage finance, the costs are still high. We will assess if traditional bridging finance is the best route for you, or if other forms of lending may be appropriate.

read more › Having a low credit score can make your search for a good mortgage deal more challenging. When you make a mortgage application the lender will check your existing credit profile. They will usually consult a credit reference agency to see if you have any missed payments, county court judgements, defaults or anything else on your record that could impact their decision. Different lenders have different rules though. Some will not accept any poor or adverse credit. Some will accept some, and some have special products for different situations.

read more › Rates - Comparable to the high street, the vast majority have little or no early repayment penalties. Experience - Because of their client base they are very used to sophisticated financial requirements. Personal - Private banks offer excellent customer service; you deal with your assigned private banker directly. Client profile - you must be an High Net Worth Individual (usually income of 300k plus or assets of 2m). Liquid Assets - most private banks will only lend to clients that are prepared to invest with them, or use other services such as trust management.

read more › The first step in the process is to call us, or to request a call back. Within a few minutes we will be able to give you a good idea of the finance options available and be able to answer any questions you may have. This is a completely free, no obligation, service and we would be delighted to take your call.

read more › In recent times it appears to be harder than ever to get that first step onto the property ladder. In the last 30 years house prices have increased a staggering 554%, so it may come as a surprise that first-time buyer mortgage figures have hit their highest level in a decade, according to data by Yorkshire Building Society. The firm estimates that 367,038 first-time buyers secured mortgages in 2018, up drastically from the financial crisis in 2008 where just 192,300 first-time buyers were able to get their foot on the property ladder.

read more › It is hard to get on the property ladder these days if you are a first-time buyer. House price rises over recent years have put buying a home out of reach for many young folks. Their only option seems to be to rent or carry on living at home. The average house price in my hometown of Beaconsfield is over 1 million pounds. In London, it is nearly 700,000. A starter home may not cost that much. At the time of writing the most affordable one bedroom apartment I could find being marketed locally was being advertised at 285,000.

read more › When I began advising on mortgages in 1998, property finance was easy to come by. Regulations were light, a deposit was not always required and it was possible to self-certify your income. No wonder the property market was rising. Fast-forward to Buckinghamshire, 2016, and despite mortgages being harder to come by property prices are still rising. Rising at double the average of the rest the country according to some reports. Uncertainty over Brexit has damped house prices in some places, most notably prime areas of London that have already enjoyed massive rises in recent years, but apparently not in prime Buckinghamshire.

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